twenty months

Two-thirds through his second year. Master Clive isn’t getting any younger.

20 months-2


The big news for this month? He walks. It’s not his preferred method of getting around–he’d rather scoot at the moment–but he no longer crumples to the ground and cries as soon as you let go of his hand.

His last trip to the pediatrician was something that I was dreading, since he still wasn’t walking and I wasn’t sure what they’d want to do. Fortunately the doctor agreed with our assessment–that he was perfectly capable of walking, just afraid to do it. “It’s purely psychological,” she said. That was simultaneously encouraging and disheartening to hear. The good news was there wasn’t some sort of physical problem. But  what kind of therapy do you do to alleviate fear?

I mulled over it for a week and felt impressed to not pray, not that he would walk, but that he would be released from that fear. As annoying as it could be that he wasn’t walking yet, the fact is that we were used to it and could keep on in our routine for a couple more months without him doing it. The thing that weighed on my mind was that his fear could so cripple his ability to exercise a skill that he was totally capable of performing. As a fearful person myself, I hated that thought for him. I contacted a few close friends and asked them to pray with me specifically for that–that his fear would be lifted from him. A couple  of days later he started walking on his own.

20 months-3

The other big news in his life is that he has officially graduated to Big Brother. He is incredibly interested in the new baby, particularly in his eyes, and what happens if he pokes them. This just in: what happens is Mama removes you from the situation. Sorry if I’ve spoiled anything for anyone.
20 monthsHe talks up a storm now, employing in particular phrases he’s picked up from Big Brother like “MINE MINE MINE” and “I need [fill in the blank]”. He also loves to count to five and sing along with “So Long, Farewell” while he’s playing in his room. He still offers kisses to complete strangers while we’re out and about, which thrills everyone; what they don’t know is he thinks it’s quite funny to offer a kiss and then turn your head at the last minute. Like all toddlers, he loves all animals, especially the Cat, who still loves him in turn (and spurns his brother.) I guess some things will never change.

20 months-4

Happy Twenty Months, Master Clive. Who knows what this next month has in store for us?


twenty months

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