self portrait, april twenty-sixth

self portrait 426My side of the room.

My interests, finely displayed: antiques, green things, home decor (in the form of dark blues and florals, two favorites at the moment); motherhood. And–since this is a photo–let’s list photography in there, as well.

There’s an old brass lamp that we found at an auction. Its twin is sitting on the end table next to my husband’s side. I had the urge to paint them not long after we first got them, back when painting things was the en vogue thing to do. I didn’t, and I’m glad. No reason. I just like them the way the are.

The plant is visiting from Anselm’s nursery. I’m letting it borrow the light from our window for a bit.

On that table you can see the monster cup they give out at the hospital (Ephraim is obsessed with the footprints on it). I will use it until I lose the straw. That’s what’s happened to the last two cups.

What you can’t see on that table is the couple of used tissues and a diaper that I probably changed in the middle of the night and managed to place on the end table instead of throwing it away. I’m not sure how that happened and we’ve already covered newborn-related memory lapses in a recent post, so I’ll move on.

Speaking of newborns, that bassinet has been used for nine children and counting: all three of mine, four of another friend’s, and two others. When we’re finished with it this time, it’ll go on to someone else. It’s been a frequent companion these past three years. I will miss it when it’s gone, but I’ll be glad to have the space back.

The newborn is not actually in the bassinet in this picture. He’s beside me on the bed, just out of view of the camera. He’s making googoo eyes at the ceiling fan. You’ll have to take my word for it.

self portrait, april twenty-sixth

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