twenty-one months

We’ve started the downhill rush towards two years. It’ll be here before we know it. clive 21-2

So many leaps were seen this month. For one, he finally, finally have abandoned the butt-scoot.  It’s all walking, now, with the occasional crawl, and the more-than-occasional attempt to run. It’ll make our nightly run-around-the-staircase sessions more interesting with another body in the mix. Ephraim will be happy to not have to dodge a scooting Clive while he runs.

clive 21-5

His vocabulary is expanding rapidly, with words both intelligible and unintelligible, and things that you think are unintelligible until you realize you’re just not listening closely enough. He still refuses to say “thank you”, though. We’re working on it.

It’s such a pleasure to hear him talk, with his voice that is so soft and sweet and quiet–except when he’s shrieking “MINE, MINE, MINE!!” while “playing” with Ephraim.

clive 21-3


He has this little ritual chant that he made up about his Baby Brother. I’m not sure where it came from. But he starts with a high pitched “Baaaay-beeee!” which is then followed by the even higher pitched sequence of staccato ah’s: “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!!” Each ah is punctuated by a double hand flap. I have no idea what exactly the story behind it is, but I love it, and I do my best to encourage it.

clive 21

He is still nurturing his love of books. Every now and then during the day he’ll go missing, and I’ll find him in his room with a pile of books, methodically going through each one.

We’re working on counting; he can count from two to five. I’m not sure why, but he will not say “one”. He’ll say “broccoli”, though, while singing the Veggie Tales theme song. I’m not sure how he arrived at the conclusion that “broccoli” is manageable while “one” is not, but then again he did do that weird scoot for months before even attempting to walk (which is much less physically taxing) so maybe it’s some weird perfectionist over-achieving thing. I have no idea. He’s just Clive.

clive 21-4



twenty-one months

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