the crop shop

There is a little roadside market near my parents’ house, just down the road from the now-defunct Little Store (which is across from The Ugly House, which isn’t even a house at all.) It sits on a straight stretch of 31-W that you long for when you’re stuck behind someone actually following the 55 mph speed limit.

I’m always getting passed on that straight stretch of road. Worse than a tractor.

I’ve never stopped at this store–I don’t think it was around when I lived here. But we swung in today on our way home from Chaney’s. I wanted to photograph this little slice of country life.

crop shop crop shop-2 crop shop-3

It’s a pretty glamorous way to buy local produce. When I was a kid, you stopped on the side of the road to buy sweet corn off the back of someone’s pickup truck. This store had a fountain inside.

crop shop-4 crop shop-5 crop shop-7 crop shop-9

I just now noticed that there was sorghum for sale. Sorry, Dad, for not picking any up.

honor system I was surprised that there was no one there, until I saw the paper on the counter.crop shop-8 crop shop-12 crop shop-13 flower skyCountry life, indeed.

crop shop-16

the crop shop

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