two months

Mr. Anselm turned two months, today.

a two months-3

He is well-beloved by his fellow family members. Ephraim calls him “Baby Anselm” while Clive settles for just “Baby”; Mama and Daddy call him just plain Anselm, or “Mr. Mo” (which is much more fun if you stretch it out: Meeeeeeester Mo! Ephraim does not like that nickname.

His baby-acne-peely-skin phase is mercifully over. The color photos have recommenced.

a two months-2

This month led to several discoveries:

First, that his eyes were not going to go blue, as Mama hoped. This is ok.

Second, that he is apparently very sensitive to when Mama consumes caffeine. This is not ok.

a two months-4

Third, he discovered how to really smile, not just snarly smiles, but gummy grins that lead to far too many instagram videos being posted. Sorrynotsorry.

Fourth, that he can actually make noises like unto those noises that Mama and Daddy make to him. Each noise takes a tremendous amount of huffing and puffing and snuffling on his part to produce; sometimes he forgets he can make noises all together, until he sneezes. That seems to jog his memory, for some reason.

a two months-5

His two-month visit is tomorrow, so I might have waited until then to post, but I wanted the update to be on the correct day. I’ll add his stats tomorrow.

a two months


two months

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