a little adventure

On Monday, we went on an Autumn Jaunt with some friends to Noccalula Falls, in Alabama.

noccalula noccalula-2 noccalula-3

What we grown-ups may call an excursion or a day-trip, the boys call an adventure, and who can argue with them? There was a train ride, a playground, a rock garden, a mini-zoo with a lion and foxes and deer and ponies and rabbits and lemurs and more, 18th-century buildings and more beautiful fall scenery than you could shake a stick at.

noccalula-4 noccalula-5 noccalula-6 noccalula-7 noccalula-8

The falls are named after a Native American princess who, according to legend, threw herself off the 100-ft cataract onto the rocks below to escape an arranged marriage.

noccalula-9 noccalula-10 noccalula-11 noccalula-12


There is a statue of her, there, eternally poised mid-jump. Ephraim was a little concerned for her.

noccalula-13 noccalula-14 noccalula-15

noccalula-17 noccalula-18 noccalula-19 noccalula-20 noccalula-21 noccalula-22 noccalula-23 noccalula-24 noccalula-26 noccalula-27 noccalula-28 noccalula-29 noccalula-30 noccalula-31 noccalula-32 noccalula-33 noccalula-34 noccalula-35 noccalula-38 noccalula-39There was way more there to do than we could handle in a day. Everyone was pretty bushed by the end of it.

noccalula-41 noccalula-42 noccalula-43

Thanks for the visit, Noccalula Falls! We’ll be back.

a little adventure

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