ephraim’s work


These are old pictures. As I mentioned before, my only editing computer is in the (unfinished) basement–which means the kids can’t go down there–which also means that I can only edit before they wake up in the morning, while they’re napping, or after they’ve gone to bed for the night.

It makes things a little difficult. tools-2

It’s why I’m not booking anymore sessions for this year, though it’s Christmas Card Season–I’ve only so much time to devote to pictures, and I want to make sure the sessions that are already booked don’t suffer from my overextending myself. A quick turnaround time on galleries is something I take pride in, and I don’t want to compromise that.



I’ve been thinking a lot about excellence–our call to it, our striving for it, our grace for when we miss the mark. When you say “no” to something you know you can’t do with excellence, is that wisdom or perfectionism? How does striving for excellence differ from clamoring for perfection? Are they different?

I have answers in my head; I’m just not posting them now.



Anyway, the pictures: one of Ephraim’s favorite pastimes is to “play tools”. He doesn’t really accomplish anything in adult terms, but for a three-year-old he is doing the very best he can do in the very best way he can do it. tools-9 tools-10“This is Ephraim’s work,” he tells me proudly. And he does it well.

Am I also doing my work well?

tools-8 tools-7 tools-6


ephraim’s work

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