the k family






Confession: I never know what exactly to write when I share a session here on the blog. Do I do the typical it-was-a-great-shoot-here’s-some-pics thing? Do I gush about the perfect weather (it wasn’t too shabby) or how seriously cute little Miss N is (isn’t she)? Maybe I should share some sort of poignant quote? Should I be candid, cute, sentimental?

How about awkward, instead? I sort of stalk Lauren’s Pinterest boards. I can’t help it. Her style is impeccable.

Too awkward?


It was a great shoot! Here’s some pics.




kamalblog-2 kamalblog-3

kamalblog-12 kamalblog-11 kamalblog-5 kamalblog-6 kamalblog-8 kamalblog-7 kamalblog-9 kamalblog-10 kamalblog- kamalblog3 kamalblog-1 kamalblog-14

the k family

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