the new year

On New Year’s Day we packed up and headed to nearby Roswell to see the old year-3

It’s been a few years since we’ve been up there–I don’t think we’ve even been through the town since the kids were born. I used to teach up that way, so driving through was a regular occurrence. My cosmos has shrunk somewhat since Naptime became imperative. But the children are growing, their sleep needs are decreasing, and spontaneous trips are working their way into our daily routine once infinity and beyond

Ephraim is always beside himself with glee when he learns we’re “going on an adventure.” He eats up everything from the long car ride filled with music to the first glimpse of the place he’s never been to every minute spent running and jumping through the cold. He graciously stops to let me take his picture every now and again, so long as I don’t take too long with them.ephraim vinese and c vines

Clive was sick the couple of days before New Year’s, and he was finally feeling a little better when we took our trip. He was a little whiny at first–mostly because we made him wear a coat–but soon came around when he saw there was water. I did have to watch him closely to be sure he didn’t just jump on yeardaddy and eoh hello

I was taking a picture of the falls when a little head suddenly peered into my lens. Silly Clive.many watersnew year-2

Don’t get too close, year-4the bridgenew year-5

We must have disrupted five or six families taking their first pictures of the new year during our walk. It was a popular spot. We’ll be sure to come back in the Spring when the leaves are in–it’s a beautiful place.

proud enew year-6new year-7new year-8new year-9

the new year

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