sick days

Two weeks ago, all the small members of the household were stricken with a nasty respiratory bug (well, all the small human members–the cat was fine.) It was a very long six or seven days of miserable babies, cuddly babies, miserable mommies feeling terrible for their miserable babies, but very grateful for their cuddly babies…In the midst of it all, I took a day trying to document by photograph what things were like when everyone is sick, but of course I wasn’t able to photograph the really key moments: doctor visits; midnight crying and consolation; the many, many hours spent in the rocking chair holding a sad and sick little one. The moments in the pictures are the brief ones, the ones where I wasn’t entirely needed and could wield the camera instead.

sick days-14

Day One started off with Hot Lemonade and oatmeal, and got progressively worse so that I didn’t get around to cleaning up our breakfast things for several hours.
sick days-5

sick days-6This is basically the only look he gave me for almost a week. I really missed his smiles and giggles while he was sick.

sick days-10 sick days-13

We watched a lot of shows during this time. Clive was incredibly unhappy and whiny (can you blame him?) and was pretty much only content while watching something or rocking with me.

Their favorite shows? Peter Pan, The Many Adventures of Winnie-The-Pooh, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

sick days-11 sick days-12

sick days-7

Ephraim had the easiest time of all three boys, but he still reaped the benefits of the temporary lift of the TV ban (we usually only watch on Fridays.)

sick days-8 sick days-9

These photos were taken before Anselm’s fever spiked and he refused to eat solid food for a few days. Have I mentioned how glad I am that he’s better?

sick days-2 sick days-4 sick days-3Ephraim’s refuge from the other sickies. I’m glad he didn’t get it as badly as they did.

sick days-17 sick days-18Thankfully everyone is well on the mend and back to their old selves.

sick days

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