anselm turns one

We celebrated Anselm’s first birthday during a trip to Florida earlier last month. I headed down while Jeremy was busy chaperoning a school trip since the trip would mean he would be out of down for this milestone birthday. I wanted to be able to celebrate his day with family.

On his birthday proper we had a picnic in a park, but a few days later (after Jeremy was able to join us) we had a real party with all the good stuff, like cake and frisbees and cake and playgrounds and cake and family. And cake.

anselm party

anselm party-4 anselm party-6 anselm party-8 anselm party-13 anselm party-11 anselm party-15 anselm party-20 anselm party-26 anselm party-27 anselm party-29 anselm party-30anselm party-37 anselm party-40 anselm party-34 anselm party-41 anselm party-44 anselm party-46 anselm party-48 anselm party-49 anselm party-57 anselm party-60anselm party-62

Happy Birthday, Sweet Son.

anselm turns one

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