sun and song

I don’t always make split-second decisions, but when I do, I pack suitcases for myself and my three boys and plan a road trip for the next day.

A couple of weeks ago I learned a friend of mine would be filming a music video in the run-down, sad old house across the street from the house I grew up in. I expressed a sadness that I could not be there (I had no good reason to be there, besides just being nosy and wanting to see how everything turned out). Jeremy asked me why I couldn’t just go. So after double-checking with my parents, packing, and trying to clean up the house a little, I left as planned the following morning for Kentucky. It’s a drive that should be about 5.5 hours, though when you have three littles four-and-under in tow, it ends up being more like 7.5.

It occurred to me only the morning of the shoot to offer to take some pictures (and thus transform my presence from Nosy Onlooker to Official Photographer.)

Beyond just being Actually Useful, it was a really beautiful day. I had heard the song the video would be for for the first time in the car a couple of days previously. It made me cry. And it made me speed. And when it was done, Clive quietly asked, “I hear it again, Mama?’ Timbre really has a gift for making incredibly beautiful music. If you haven’t heard her yet, you are really, really missing out.

It was a joy to be practicing my craft in an environment with so many very, very artistic and talented people doing what they do best. After a difficult few weeks, that was a breath of fresh air.


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songsunvidlowres-21 songsunvidlowres-22 songsunvidlowres-27 timbre camera

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sun and song

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