the sea and we

Is anyone not fascinated by the ocean? Our oldest boys have both adored the water from infancy. (Anselm is not impressed, but he’ll come around.)

I chose to bring my Lensbaby Composer (which permanently has the star aperture disc in it) knowing it would make beautiful use of the sun glinting off the water. I truly believe that lens (and aperture disc) was created expressly for the purpose of photographing children; everything is magical for them, and nothing so magical as the ocean. The stars are extremely appropriate. It’s like getting a little photographic glimpse into their worldview.

I’ve been having lots of thoughts about the ocean lately–ones that deserve a whole (lengthy, wordy) post of their own–and so watching my children interact with the sea has been a very reflective exercise for me. It’s also why I am always compelled to photograph them there.

But back to the Lensbaby: the lens really frustrated me when I first got it, because getting things truly in focus is just difficult. This perplexed and irritated my perfectionist side (which is always hyper-aware of critiques from the types I like to call the Photography Elite, whose habits I don’t have to go into detail about.) It took me a while to get over that and realize that its imperfection (if you can call it that) is kind of the point. I love it now for the dreamy, unfocused quality it brings. There is such thing as too much realism.

the sea and wethe sea and we-19

the sea and we-9 the sea and we-17 the sea and we-15 the sea and we-6 the sea and we-11 the sea and we-2the sea and we-8the sea and we-13the sea and we-21 the sea and we-20the sea and we-4 the sea and we-18 the sea and we-12 the sea and we-22

the sea and we

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