wilderness apparel

Little known fact: it was on a camping trip that Jeremy first confessed his love for me.

Probably more known fact: that was the last camping trip I have been on. (It’s been eleven years!)

Thus I hold great affection for camping trips, but not enough to actually, you know. Go  camping.

These shirts from Etsy seller Wilderness Apparel are technically for people who are outdoorsy types, so I feel a little dishonest buying them–though they were seriously too great to pass up. I had been searching the site for hand-drawn designs (also lovely, non-snarky designs…is it just me, or is it really difficult to find a graphic tee that’s not snarky or in a foreign language?) The tees in this shop were just perfect. I wanted to get almost all of them. Not to mention the great quality of the shirts themselves (very soft!) and the super-fast shipping. Oh, and did I mention they’re currently Buy Three, Get One Free?


“life is a beautiful ride” tee by wilderness apparel


“morning coffee & the mountain air” tee by wilderness apparel
(This one is my favorite, I think.)


“momma bear” tee by wilderness apparel

So there you go. If you’re looking for happy, good quality, lovely graphic shirts that aren’t snarky or pretentious, go pay a visit to this shop!

wilderness apparel

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