fourteen months

Anselm turned Fourteen Months on May the seventh. My camera was in the shop, and I entertained the idea of just using phone pictures for his post, but in the end I decided to just wait until the camera was back in my hands and I could take “real pictures.”

a 14 mos-7

His hair is getting longer, longer, and flippier and flippier. It doesn’t really seem to actually curl, but I keep letting it grow in the hopes that someday it will magically turn into ringlets. (It does, at least, have substantial wave to it, which means 1) he doesn’t have my hair at all, and 2) his Baby Mullet doesn’t really look like a mullet at all. He is, however, frequently mistaken for a girl because he does not have the same haircut as the other boys.

a 14 mos-6

He is really coming into his own Look, which still doesn’t look like much of anyone to us, although he does have a lot of Ephraim’s mannerisms, and a lot of Clive’s reluctances. His will and his personality are shining through that baby sweetness, and we have begun to have our first real clashes of will. I am happy to report that they were not as difficult as my first power struggles with Clive.

a 14 mos-8 a 14 mos-9a 14 mos-10

He has five teeth, almost six–he gets around by slithering about on his belly (army crawling) and by whining until someone gives him their hands and helps him wobbly-walk around. I had really, really hoped that he wouldn’t be a really late walker like Clive, but it looks like I’m out of luck. I’m just glad Ephraim came first and was “normal”, so I wouldn’t wonder that I’m doing something terribly wrong.

The other day I had him on my lap while I called to Clive: “Clive, Clive!” And he echoed, to himself, each of my calls, “Kye, Kye…” I managed to get him to repeat Mama, Daddy, Kitty, and Ephraim as well before he caught on to what I was doing and clammed up. He really abhors doing things on command. Even though he is perfectly capable of telling everyone goodnight, he won’t do it until we’ve all given up and I’ve walked him out of the room. Likewise, when I make him laugh by kissing the teddy bear, then hold the bear for him to kiss (which he does,) then try to kiss him myself, he promptly turns his head and won’t do it.

I think he’s an Evil Genius and he’s probably totally faking not being able to walk.

We should call him Dr. Mo instead of Mr. Mo.

a 14 mos a 14 mos-2

He still prefers his loopy, squealy sounds to most words, and will occasionally “repeat” something you’ve said in his own noodley vernacular, grinning to himself like he’s made a secret joke.

He loves his books, and has learned not to grab them out of my hands until the story is done. He sits quietly for longer books than I remember Clive doing at this age. But really, I’m a little sad to say that I don’t remember much about Clive at this age as I was too sick with Anselm. That is something I am determined to appreciate about this age with Anselm–it’s been the first time I’ve had a fourteen-month-old and haven’t been preparing for another baby.

a 14 mos-5

For about ten days of the last month he initiated a new bedtime routine where I would turn on his noise machine, and he would immediately lie against me, cuddling his blanket and sucking his thumb. He would sit like that for a long time, until I got him up or he sat up himself and was ready to go to bed. It was very sweet while it lasted. Then one day, a few days ago, he just stopped. Who knows?

a 14 mos-3

He is a stinker. He’s my stinker. Happy Fourteen Months, Dr. Mo.

fourteen months

fourteen months :: {personal}

clive 14 months-2

The Young Master turns fourteen months today.

Firmly entrenched in the throes of pretoddlerhood, he spends his days waffling between whether he really needs two naps, or whether one will suffice.  As it is, we just alternate. The one-nap days are nice as they allow us to run more errands at a time in the morning. The two-nap days are nice as it means Mama has two hours of quiet time each afternoon as the boys nap simultaneously.

This month was spent perfecting his bum-scoot; he can now cover great distances at astonishing speeds.

He looks kind of like a monkey when he does it.

Sometimes he makes monkey sounds, too.

Mama has considered asking the hospital for her money back, as she went to have babies but ended up with a ham and a monkey instead.

clive 14 months-4

He’s still adored by the cat, and adores her, in turn.  He’s learned to become much more gentle in his dealings with her. She is not thrilled with his monkey impression, but will still come to see him when he is still and quiet.

This month saw a keen interest in books take root, which is wonderful as Mama hasn’t been as vigilant about reading time in these past few months.

His favorite is “Star, Little Star”.

And he likes to turn pages.

clive 14 months-5
He tries so, so hard to keep up with big brother, but though he’s a little behind, he definitely isn’t swayed by the tyranny of the older sibling. Clive’s grabby hands rate pretty highly in the art of toy snatching. What he hasn’t figured out, yet, is that the idea is to snatch, then butt-scoot away as fast as you can while making crazy monkey sounds; snatching but then staying put will only get your toy re-snatched, and screeching doesn’t really solve the problem.

(Ephraim has, simultaneously, begun to say “GIMME MY ______”.  Sharing is a common theme these days.)

In a similar shade of sibling interaction, Clive has learned that when Ephraim is lying down for a diaper change is prime opportunity to scootch over and poke him in the eyes. Fortunately, Ephraim thinks this is hilarious.


clive 14 months

His obsession with lights (“DAHT”) and fans continue (he makes a frantic “round and round” gesture for the latter).  Aside from these sightings, he stays mostly quiet, saving his true lung power for toy-snatching related screeching, monkey sounds, and howls of joy when he and his brother are engaged in anything truly boyish and LOUD. Don’t misunderstand me–he talks. Quietly. In complete (Twiggese) sentences. And he still expects a response.

For example: a few days ago Mama was holding him while looking out the porch door. Clive gestured outside and quietly said something that clearly held meaning for him. Mama, however, neglected to respond, which caused Clive to lean waaaaaaaaaay over to look straight in her face and get her eye contact. Essentially: “Did you hear what I said?”

Though he doesn’t particularly care for pre-sleep snuggles anymore, he continues to seek out time to just come and sit with Mama or Daddy (and probably brother, if he would let him.)  He is a master at melting Mama’s heart by leaning his head against her in the way big brother never did.

clive 14 months-3

He’s a special little guy. Can’t wait to see what sort of big brother he’ll be.

fourteen months :: {personal}