grapes & toothpicks & bandwagons & things

Let the record show that today we made Toothpick-Grape-Sculpture-Thingies.

I may as well confess: I am a Pinterest snob. I don’t typically search the site for kids things. I just don’t. It’s mostly because I don’t really like kids crafts–an opinion birthed partially out of practicality and partially out of laziness. It is also the result of a dissenter’s spirit (I despise The Bandwagon, and go to great length to avoid it if possible. I know. It’s silly.)

That said, I have no idea why this particular craft caught my attention, the concept of making sculptures-thingies out of grapes and toothpicks, but I remembered it suddenly while walking through the grocery store yesterday and decided to give it a go. Maybe it was because I secretly wanted to do it myself (and I did make a couple of things, including a “horse”, that I didn’t take pictures of.) Maybe it’s because you eat it when you’re all done (rather than displaying it for a while before packing it away and then agonizing over whether to toss it after you find it again five years from now.) Who knows?

grapes and things

Ephraim really liked it. He was quite deliberate, his creations heavy on the toothpicks, and bearing the image of things like porcupines and suns.

grapes and things-4grapes and things-9

I can’t get over how much he looks like a boy and not a baby.

grapes and things-6

This one was a sun.

He then had to take a picture of his creation:

grapes and things-7

Clive was the more abstract of the pair. He mostly employed his time with eating the medium, though occasionally he would stick a toothpick in a grape and announce, “I made a potato*!” or “I made a monster truck!”

grapes and things-2 grapes and things-3

He’s so deep, man.

Then of course, he had to take a break from eating…I mean, creating…for some additional refreshment:

grapes and things-5

Have you ever noticed how “eating” is hidden in the word “creating”? I didn’t until just now.

And then: “Look! I’m a cake!”

grapes and things-10


Oh Clive, I love you.

grapes and things-8

*He has been talking a lot about potatoes lately. I think it’s because we’ve been reading Vachel Lindsay’s The Potatoes’ Dance before bed.

grapes & toothpicks & bandwagons & things